Saturday, 3 April 2010

Change, my dear!

Well...  What can I say?  I'm impressed.  Not only have we been introduced to a new Doctor, a new companion, a new TARDIS, and a new production team, but also a renewed faith!

I am taking about my own faith, that was trampled on and crushed over the last 6 months by the sloppy, egotistical, and trashy stylings of RTD.  It has been a long, emotional roller-coaster for me to see the departure of David Tennant, and for it to be handled so badly really, really upset me.  What am I talking about, some of you might be saying?  RTD is the best thing since sliced bread, you say?  Everything he touches turns to gold, you cry?  I'm afraid not, sez I.

Some of you will know how vocal I have been over the last 3 DT specials.  To have the hype build prior to the airing, and to be so bitterly disappointed by slap-dash writing and crowbar plot moves just to satisfy the Exec Producers own over-blown ego.  My reaction was (apart from the vocalism's at the Leeds WhoDo's) was to withdraw.  Shut down.  Pull back from "New Who" and lick my wounds.  

I became so disillusioned, I stopped visiting forums, news pages, blogs (my first post in 4 months).  I didn't want to know about New Who.  Didn't want to watch it or read about it.  I wanted a blank slate for when the series returned.  I was tired of building expectation only to have that expectation dashed when it aired.  If I had no expectation then it can only go up from there.

So I immersed myself in Classic Who, and found myself paying particular attention to Colin Baker's first season.  I have no idea what drew me to it, but this seclusion over the last 4 months has given me a deeper understanding of his Doctor, and appreciation of what JNT was trying to do...  Maybe I will revisit the DT specials in the future, and see what RTD was trying to do?  But, I digress.

Tonight, I found I enjoyed Doctor Who more than I have done in a very long time!  Wow...  Solid writing, exceptional acting, and I got the "hairs on the back of my neck" feeling for the first time since School Reunion, when Sarah-Jane jimmied open the store room and found the TARDIS.  Who is back.

Matt Smith pulled off a blinding performance.  For me, he brings that uncertainty back into the role.  The "not quite sure what he'll do next" feeling to the character, which has been sadly lacking, but I've not noticed it until now...  Strange...

So, yes!  I have something to say once again.  I've found my voice.   Is that a good thing?


  1. You know, parts of this could be me. If I were capable of being more eloquent (as I certainly have no problem with being vocal). And had seen more Classic Who.

    I thought it was well paced, enjoyable if a little derivative and that Matt Smith was fabulous. I think I could like Amy but the jury is still out.

    I just hope that RTD will never again be let near anything Whoniverse related. I'm sure that I will let go of my desire for wanting his head on a stick one day. Today is *not* that day.

  2. Sorry but I think you're all being a little hard on RTD. Without him Dr Who would never have returned and he has written some of the greatest examples of television ever......

  3. I think you misinterpret me there Nick. I'm not having a pop at all things RTD, I'm specifically having a pop at what he did to Doctor Who from the last 20 minutes of Waters of Mars, right through to the end of End of Time.

    He has written some very good (and some pretty bad) stuff, and brought Who back to our screens. But his ego got in the way during his run on the program. He spoilt it for me.