Saturday, 17 April 2010

New Series of V

Having caught up on this weeks telly (oh, the joys of working away from home) I was really keen to see the latest Sci-Fi classic remake from over the pond, V.

Having watched the original series back in the 80's (and owning the complete DVD boxset), I have a great affection for the program as it scared the pants off me at such a young age.

I had some doubts about it, as it basically aired in the US months ago before it came to the UK shores, and the general 'tinterweb chatter comprised of "oh, it's not like the 80's series", "none of the original cast are involved", "should have left a classic well alone", but that got me thinking...  That's no different from any other remake that's been done over the last 10 years!

So there I sat, bottle of vino by my side, a full 50" inches of HD goodness, 1,000 Watts of ear-bleeding Surround Sound, and me squweeing to my 7 year old self in anticipation...  I can say, I'm impressed!

If you're looking for the skin-ripping, laser-shoot-out-in-the-street, hi-jacking-spacecraft, shoulder-pad-wearing-neo-nazism that is so fundamentally woven into the 80's series, then you'll be sadly disappointed.  But this brings a much darker, grittier realism to a seemingly benevolent race of aliens who only seem intent on helping the Human Race (yeah...  right).

Having watched the first 2 episodes on SyFy, I can say there is the right balance between character development, scene setting, and action.  I am genuinely impressed with what ABC have achieved in this fresh approach.

Don't get me wrong, I love the 80's series!  But much like with Battlestar Galactica, I hold it in the highest regard and cherish all the memories I have of the original, but really, REALLY appreciate a good, quality remake, that takes a show in a new direction and brings it to a fresh audience...  Now, what does that remind me of?

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