Sunday, 4 April 2010

Overnight Sucess?

Following the generally positive reviews that have sprung up all over the 'tinterwebs, it all comes down to the overnight viewing figures...  Which appear to be different, depending on where you look.

BBC News  - 8.4m
Doctor Who Online - 8.3m
Doctor Who News Page - 8.0m
Digital Spy - more than 8m

Which is unusual to get such conflicting reports!  But the analyst in me was intrigued to see how this stacks up against other series openers.  So here it is!!  All the New Who series opener overnight figures.

Rose - 9.9m
New Earth - 8.3m
Smith & Jones - 8.2m
Partners In Crime - 8.4m
The Eleventh Hour - 8.?m

So when we get the actual BARB figures in 10 days time we'll see, but right now I can't tell!

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