Sunday, 18 April 2010

To simulcast, or not to simulcast?

This is the question...  As an avid campaigner for High Definition, I am forever singing it's praises and encouraging people to make the move from SD to HD.  Yes, it can be an expensive initial outlay, but the difference is unbelievable and once you've gone HD, you don't go back.

Now, here is my issue.  Last nights episode of Doctor Who was transmitted at 6:30pm on BBC One and 8:25pm on BBC HD.  This is the fist time since the programs move to HD that this has occurred.

Miffed, I was.  I did watch the broadcast on BBC One at 6:30pm, with the rest of the nation, but felt my enjoyment spoiled somewhat.  So, here I am!  Sunday morning after rewatching last nights Victory of the Daleks in HD that I recorded last night.  It's not just the improved picture quality, but the whole experience is enhanced with full 5.1 surround sound.  It brings the whole score to life and adds that extra dimension.

There's nothing quite like hearing a Dalek ask "Would. You. Care. For. Some. Teeeeea?" being enhanced through a sub-woofer!  It gives me chills!!

By the looks of next weeks episode, it will be simulcast on BBC One and BBC HD once more.  I hope that The Beeb aren't going to make a habit of this.

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