Monday, 1 February 2010

Dalek Storm Filming report - Part One

On Saturday 30th January 2010 filming began for a new short film featuring the legendary Dalek Storm.

It had been discussed and decided that the only way to raise the profile of Storm would be to have some high quality footage and pictures to show the rest of the world (and the BBC) that Storm should be taken seriously.

To this end Alan Clark (Storm's creator), Steve Dutton ( professional photographer and cameraman), Alan's partner, Raymond Hyde (Dalek builder) and myself all met up at Magna in Sheffield which had been booked by Ray as the location for the shoot.

Steve & I drove down together and arrived at about 10:20am where we met Alan and co in the car park still assembling Storm. It was cold, very cold so Steve & I decided to grab a hot drink and look at possible area's within Magna which would be good to film in.

20 minutes later we all convened in the entrance and were told that Storm was too big to fit in any of the lifts and therefore the only way we could film on the upper levels would be to take Storm apart and then re assemble - a process totaling 1 hour. Therefore we decided to attempt to get all the footage shot downstairs and outside the building.

The first set of shots were taken against a brightly lit background with Storm performing various maneuvers and we made sure that we had enough to create some special effect which would be added later in post production.

Part Two to follow..............

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