Sunday, 7 February 2010

On Reflection

I do not think of myself as a Doctor Who fan, in fact I don't consider myself to be a "fan" of anything really.

Let me explain....... My relationship with Doctor Who started in 1975 or thereabouts. I think the first one I remember was The Arc In Space and I must have been 3 at the time. The Saturday routine in our house back in the 70's was simple. Get up, dressed, fed and then off to the shops. In the afternoon we went swimming then on the way back we would get fish and chips for tea and then get ready for this weeks thrilling instalment of Doctor Who. It was a magical time, being young and witnessing all new episodes of Tom Baker strutting his stuff. I named my goldfish Sarah and Harry. We went to Blackpool to see the museum, my mum knitted me a scarf and at Christmas I got the Doctor Who annual which was my most treasured possession.

That was the start and it continued through my life. Doctor Who only left me for a brief time (about a year) in the 80's when girls became really interesting but it wasn't long before I was watching again.

I am not a fan though. I like things that are good and for me, Doctor Who has always been good and therefore I like it. If it ever disappointed me then I would not like it or watch it, but so far it has never been that bad.

I'm not a fan of Elvis Costello either. I have most of his albums and, for the most part they're all brilliant. However, there are a few which I will never listen to again as I don't like them.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest..... strange I know!!

If anyone else wants to do the same let me know and (if I like it) I will post it here!

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