Friday, 9 October 2009

Dr Who Writers Event in Leeds

On Wednesday 14th October there is a special event taking place in Morley, Leeds as part of the annual Literature festival. Here are some more details from their Facebook link;

Daleks. A tardis. Assistants. Time travel. Doctoring. Davros. Scary stuff.

Fans of Doctor Who – of all ages! – are in for a special treat at this year’s festival: Doctor Who writers Mark Morris, Robert Shearman, Simon Guerrier and Mark Michalowski will be hosting an event at Morley Library, talking about their work and answering your questions. It’s sure to be hugely popular, so buy a ticket!

Robert Shearman was one of the writers for the BAFTA-award-winning first series of Doctor Who, starring Christopher Eccleston. He is also a playwright and writer of short stories.

Mark Morris is author of almost twenty books, including four in the Doctor Who range, as well as a Torchwood novel and several Doctor Who audio scripts.

Simon Guerrier has written novels, short stories, comic strips and audio plays for Doctor Who, as well as Primeval, Robin Hood, Blake’s 7 and Sapphire and Steel.

Mark Michalowski is author of four Doctor Who novels, and founding editor of Yorkshire’s very own gay newspaper, SHOUT! He also writes short stories, and is currently working on a novel to tie in with the second series of BBC3 drama Being Human.

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