Friday, 9 October 2009

Time War '09: Magna, Rotherham

This looks like a great little event on 14th November. I will certainly be there with the kids.......

Come meet the Doctor, Daleks, companions and enemies!
People turning up at the event in costume will be given a free pass!
There will be a room dedicated to kids activities which will focus on painting/building daleks, colouring and face painting!
There will be a costume competition for children on the day.
A room/area will be designated for putting on display part-build daleks and parts etc so you can see what makes them tick!
TICKET prices:
Any questions you might have feel free to contact the Admins for this event or leave a message at the bottom of the page.


Here is a run down of what will be there....

* Daleks trundeling about (20+!)
* An 'Audience with the Daleks'
* "Time Slip" - the Doctor comes face-to-face with a familiar foe
* GUEST: Al Davison of 'Astral Gypsy', artist (TBC)
(The Doctor:
* Kids activities, including making and painting and face-painting!
* Several TARDISs (...or TARDI?)
* 1 TARDIS console room: retro/'60s-style TARDIS console room set (from 'The Schrodinger Effect')
* Screenings of the Children in Need special episode 'Pudsai' - featuring no less than 11 spin-off/fan-film 'Doctor's
* Bessie, the Doctor's car! (TBC)
* Torchwood's black Range Rover (TBC)
* 'Doctor Who' props (includes weapons of various descriptions and masks!)
* A 'how to?' on prop building (Daleks guns and latex masks)

The daleks have full run of the place (yes, even STORM can roam free!) inside and out,
The main location for the daleks is known as 'The Face of Steel' room.
FREE food and drink to all throughout the day
Green room area away from the public for breaks will be provided
FREE pass to the museum for anyone bringing a dalek and any minders/members of family accompanying them. There is plenty to do and fun for all the family - tickets are normally priced at £14 family ticket !
A room/area will be designated for putting on display part-build daleks and parts etc. We are looking at members being able to have talks with the public (Volunteers please!)
Local TV and radio will be attending this event so a good chance of getting your dalek on telly.
We have a stage area with in house PA system (as used by 'The Artic Monekies'!) that a Magna crew will operate for us and we are planning on doing a Dr Who show and 'Audience with the Daleks', so any daleks wanting to EXTERMINATE Richard (I mean the Doctor) and have a bash on stage we will sort out on the day.

Anyone wishing to bring a dalek along to this event
Please contact Raymond @
before the event ! cheers.

There will be costume performers appearing on the day dressed as characters from Dr Who, and if you are interested in joining them put your name forward please by messaging us. This would be for those that do not just 'cosplay' but perform as the character. For further information or advice please contact us or Rose Wynn (see attendees)
FREE food and drink to all throughout the day
Changing-room facilities will be provided on site
Green room provided for 'off stage' periods throughout the day

If anyone has any further questions or information please get in touch with the admins and we look forward to seeing everyone at the event!

Richard and Raymond

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