Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Dr Who Writers Event

I have just spent an entertaining and enlightening couple of hours in the company of 4 prolific Doctor Who writers at the Morley Literature festival. Between them Mark Morris, Robert Shearman, Simon Guerrier and Mark Michalowski have written for comics, Big Finish audios, BBC books ant in the case of Rob Shearman the TV show itself with the critically acclaimed Dalek.

The evenings compare started off with a slight introduction and a quick quiz before bringing the writers onto the stage. What followed was a panel style interview whereby they were all asked questions about their writing experiences and their own thoughts on Dr Who past and present. What came out was that each of them are really big fans of the show and this was made more evident by their extensive knowledge of the history of Dr Who.

After 20 minutes the 60 or so strong audience were invited to ask the panel any question they liked. What was nice about this is that there were a lot of children who put their hands in the air and surprisingly asked more questions about the original run of the series as opposed to the Eccleston / Tennant era. I asked one of the best questions of the night but if you want to know what it was and what the answer was then you will have to ask me...........

All of the 4 guys on stage were genuinely nice people and answered even some of the more mundane questions with great enthusiasm. At the end of the show there was the usual book signing session and I managed to get 5 minutes at the end with them when everyone had gone...... and we didn't talk about Dr Who....... Like the title of this blog says - its "not just Dr Who"

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