Monday, 9 November 2009

Classic Monsters Return? Spoiler beware.....

Each new series of Doctor Who has brought us a classic monster back so what can we expect for Matt Smith's first series......? Well rumour has it (and a couple of grainy pictures suggest) that it is the........ Silurians

You can read more at Life the Universe and Comboms blog here


  1. I'd try harder at making your posts a little less, erm... spoilerish?

  2. I live for spoilers though and after all there is only 3 of us who actually read this blog. :-)

  3. Fine with that, but I would rather we leave the spoiler as a link to the article, and not mention in the blog what the spoiler is.

    It gives people the choice. I was disappointed to see the mention of the Silurians, I would have liked that to be a surprise.