Monday, 23 November 2009

Shameless Plug!!

After being told off for not blogging, so here I am blogging!!

And not just a run-in-the-mill Who related blog, but a shameless attempt at plugging my own fundraising activities in the month of December.

I am taking part in Decembeard for Macmillian Cancer Support, where I will be growing a beard for charity!! Anyone who knows me will know that I support many charities, but I prefer to be a passive fund raiser, and growing a beard suits my physical prowess perfectly.

I’m doing this for 2 reasons…

  1. In memory of Michelle Thompson (nee Blakey), a very dear friend and colleague from British Gas who sadly lost her battle with cancer in the summer of 2008.
  2. For my Nan, Alice Furlong who passed away last November from cancer. Macmillan provided exemplary care and support during her final months, not only to my Nan, but to my Mum as well. That is a huge debt that I want to help repay.
The rules of Decembeard are very simple:

  • Get clean shaven on the Monday 30th November and have my photo taken
  • Constantly bang on about what I’m doing and raise sponsors
  • Get people to bung in a few quid onto
  • Grow a beard (or something that resembles a beard)
  • In last week before Christmas shave it into a style of my choosing (either on a specific day or a different style every day of the week) and take a photo’s
I do have a sponsor form, if you wish to sponsor me at the next WhoDo on 4th December, but I appreciate that a lot of you might be spread far and wide!

There is a link above to the Just Giving site, but this is the group site set up by all of us taking part and it is not individual to me, but please do sponsor me! Even if it’s only a pound, it all helps a very worthy cause.

There will be photo's taken to show my progress, and I shall be uploading them to Facebook and I'll bung them on here as well to show my progress.

Thank you for your time, and hope that you will support me in this event! I shall now return you to your usual programming!

Roger x

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