Thursday, 26 November 2009

Combom Interview - Final Part

Here is the final part of the fascinating interview with Combom. It has been a great pleasure talking to him and I just want to say thanks again Combom and also thank all of you who have taken time out to read it (and there have been many of you).

Nick - Moving on now I want to ask you about the series return in 2005. I myself was one of the naughty ones who couldn’t wait for the transmission and found the leaked copy on the internet. I was also lucky that my son was getting to an age whereby it meant that we could watch it together and suddenly I was transported back to my childhood again but living it through his eyes. What did it mean to you when it returned and was it everything you had hoped it would be considering you’re long time love of the show going right back to the Pertwee era?

Combom - when Christopher Eccleston was announced I was very pleased, when Billie Piper was announced I was very worried indeed, fortunately she’s not too bad, although she will always be "the clingy girlfriend" and the doctor did more than we would to get rid of one, sending her to another dimension, now that’s class :) I do hope she doesn’t return too often now, every 3 of 4 seasons is enough! Tennant is a good doctor, he has made the part all his own, but I look forward to Matt Smith too, doctor who is about change, if you don’t like change, try neighbours :)

 I downloaded the rose leaked version, but then thought "what am I doing", and waited for its transmission, concerned I had a unfinished cut and it would spoil it for me :) when I watched rose on BBC1 I was happy they hadn’t messed it up :)

 The Pertwee era had a lot of stories set on earth, I’d like to see a return to that, lots of monster shows, and Katy manning at the time *sigh* :) the Pertwee/Manning/Delgado/UNIT was indeed the dream team :) modern unit are nowhere near as good :)

Nick - Well it's great to get to know some of your thoughts and to learn more about your Blog and it's great to see it getting so many hits so you must be doing something right. I would just like to says thanks again for taking the time to do this interview and is there anything else you would like to say to your readers before we go?

Combom - thanks for the interview, and thanks to everyone who contributes to the Blog, your input is appreciated :) now for a shameless plug, I have 4 blogs (count them) and they all need readers and followers :)

 Thanks nick, here’s looking forward to the end of time :)

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