Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Combom Interview - Part 3

Here is a continuation of my interview with Combom which you all seem to be enjoying as we're getting more hits than ever :-)

Nick - I agree, branding is important and your logo is distinctive although I’m glad we’ve cleared up the myth about it being a picture about the back of your head. What would you say has been the highlight of the last 18 months since you started and are there any breaking news stories which you have been one of the first to publish? Personally I love all the location pictures you manage to get permission to post, especially if it has a new or returning monster in it for the new series.
Combom - the best TV in the last 18 months has been Torchwood Children of Earth, it’s just better than Doctor Who, yeah I know, but it’s good to see the son excelling the father :), the best event to Blog, well the death (twice) of the thorn in my side was very good (some people won’t know what I’m on about here). I was first to publish about Lee Evans in Planet of the Dead, but I got that from a comedy site, so first doctor who site but not first site! I am the first Blog with a lot of set pictures and reports, but most are from forums although people like SLRPAP do give them to me before anyone, which I appreciate very much, as I keep saying - sharing is good!
Speaking of returning monsters, I’m still not convinced they are Silurians from a couple of weeks ago, they are too different. We also need to remember the BBC policy on this, every time they bring any monster/character/etc back, they have to pay the creator, so although they do pay for Daleks and Cybermen, they do try to not bring back too much, they end up paying for a name and that’s a hole in the shows budget. I like to see the return of classic monsters though.

Nick - I think this year’s series of Torchwood was one of the boldest most thought provoking pieces of television I have ever seen but I’m still not sure it beats Doctor Who. For anyone reading your last answer and wondering about “the thorn in your side” I am assuming you’re referring to the Blog which was basically copying all of your posts and claiming all the glory themselves for all your hard work. It must be frustrating when this happens? I know that you have strong links with the Planet Gallifrey Blog site and each of you link to each other, can you explain a little about the relationship there as that is another popular Blog?
Combom - I love the Jack Harkness character, he is the best other than the doctor, IMHO he is a progression of the 1970s Harry Sullivan character (Ian Marter sadly died), but I dislike John Barrowman (yes really!) he is always on TV, from chat shows to some rubbish about dancing :) lol there was a lot of upset over the death on Ianto in TWCOE, but they all seem to have missed the point, if you play with fire someone’s going to get burned, an occasional death means not only character and story rotation, but its more realistic, people would die if it was a real world scenario, but I think I’ll miss tosh more, I’m pleased Gwen survived - those eyes, it’s a life’s work looking into them :)

Yes it was very frustrating about RDW and his methods of doing nothing and taking everything and no credit, I’m happy to listen to anyone, if I’ve used anyone’s work by accident, I’m happy to add credit to them (I don’t do this knowingly), or remove it if they ask me to (hence some deleted jigsaws recently!), or come to some mutual agreement to suit us both!
With Planet Gallifrey, I helped Jess with some international versions of videos from the BBC site, then I made a few Cybershade images a lot clearer, she liked that, and when I wrote theory’s etc to cut a long story short is we linked each other :) Jess takes a few photographs of recent filming and writes the plot around them, and often gets it pretty close, so I respect her work, she’s not about a lot now, someone else seems to maintain PG and it’s not like it was :( but people grow, they move onwards and upwards, and have lives of their own, I’d like to see her stuff come back, but at the moment it’s not so likely, but hi Jess, wherever you are, I’m sure what you do you’re very good at :)
I like Fantaical Whovians stuff too, she takes another look at things and sometimes has a new angle to look at (she reminds me of me 18 months ago lol), and is good at playing with videos, anyone who makes me think, I like :) . we can’t forget everyone’s grandfather (in internet terms of course), although he isn’t about as much as he was either, but 4 or so updates a week still :( and there’s who links Facebook to his blog, and of course all the DW bloggers, if I’m aware of your blog, I do read it.
Once again, thanks to Combom for sharing his thoughts and make sure you tune in tomorrow for the final part of the interview.....


  1. I'm really enjoying reading this interview... great stuff :-) Cheers both.

  2. It has been a please 76. Glad you liked it. I have some more interviews coming up which I hope you like and a few surprises too!!