Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Combom Interview - Part 2

Nick - Wow, you really know what you’re doing and the number of hits you’re getting proves how popular it is. So, what drives you to put all the effort in? Are you going for as many hits as possible or are you a Doctor Who fan who just loves the show and wants to find out as much information as possible and share it with others? Also do you have any ambitions to make it the highest rated Who Blog on the internet and if so how would you measure it. For example is there a Bloggers chart?
Combom - What drives me? Well, Blogging is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but I suppose its hits! When Waters of Mars was transmitted, the Blog got over 13,000 hits in 24hours, which pleases me a lot. It’s great to see you're not talking to yourself, which many Bloggers are, but I admire them for their dedication, and who knows where it will take them?
I am of course a big DW fan, the first DW story I saw transmitted was SPEARHEAD FROM SPACE on our b/w TV, and since then I was hooked, that’s why Pertwee is my favourite doctor, your first doctor always seems to be your favourite, but I do like Eccleston and Tennant, I wish we saw more of Mcgann, and i had a soft spot for McCoy, and Tom Baker is well, Tom Baker and he is always great, lets not speak of Colin though! I have faith in Matt Smith too, after all DW is the BBC's flagship show, they aren't going to choose a loser as the new Doctor. Since then I have bought almost all the DVDs, and intend to fill all gaps too, and in my honest opinion Torchwood is as good as DW, as the X Files was another of my favourite shows, and Torchwood is like the two combined!

I am now very weary of "Bloggers charts" you enter one and your 6,000 hits a day Blog is beaten by a 200 hits a day Blog "because he has a prettier side bar" or something, and he got all his news from you in the first place, so that adds insult and injury! I'm a firm believer in "bums on seats" (hits to the rest of you lol), if you don’t like, you won’t call!
Being the biggest DW blog? My friend here has just said I already am, is he right I haven’t checked? Not that I'm into being the most popular, there is room for us all, and I do help other Bloggers if I am able to, being friendly and helping each other is much better than being selfish and arrogant, when you reach the top, the only way you can go is down. I think the chances of me becoming the "highest rated Blog" period is very slim (and that’s being generous lol).
I like to find out what’s going on in the Whoniverse, for this I look in a lot of places, and I know others want to know too, and many don't have time to do this, so it’s all collected here, and I share! It's good to share :) some have complained about "I wish you hadn't told he that" but my Blog is a spoiler, if you don’t want to know, read it with your eyes tightly closed :) yeah it’s hard not to isn’t it?
Nick - It’s great that you’re willing to share and I know that a lot of people really appreciate what you’re doing. Just getting onto the technical side of things, I noticed that you use a standard Bloggers template and as long as I have been visiting it has never been changed. Can you tell us why?
Combom - when I started the Blog, I wanted it to look like a newspaper or book, so it was easy to read, that is black text on white paper, and I’ve stuck with it. IMHO all these white on black blogs look like 1990s hacker sites! also you get blog owners who spend days designing a new blog, but they are forgetting something - the content, I feel the content of the blog outweighs the look of the template, a crappy blog with a great template is still a crappy blog, spend your time writing good content :) i have never changed the logo either, AND ITS NOT A PICTURE OF MY HEAD lol, I got it off a freeware clipart CD and have heavily edited it! I can't see me changing the template or logo, unless someone comes up with something fantastic for me, but even then... :) I have continued to use the template and head logo on my other blogs too, there’s a lot to be said about BRANDING :)
Thanks again to Combom for taking the time to do this. Part 3 is due tomorrow with the final part the day after, and don't forget to check out his site here.

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