Thursday, 31 December 2009

BBC Website news

The official Doctor Who website is promising lots of extra goodies following the end of tomorrows episode. This is what they have to say.....

At 6.40pm on New Year's Day, The End of Time, Part Two begins and the Tenth Doctor's final adventure reaches an incredible finale. It's the end of an era and promises to be an unforgettable event.

Immediately after the episode finishes we'll have a wealth of exciting new material waiting for you right here! In a series of exclusive videos, David Tennant, Executive Producer and writer Russell T Davies and Executive Producer Julie Gardner tell us about The End of Time as well as the past five years, looking back on everything from guest stars to their first days on Doctor Who. There will be their last ever Big Questions, storyboards, a new Fact File, and a fantastic commentary with Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner. Plus a surprise or six!

But we'll also have tons of great stuff on the Eleventh Doctor! Get a sensational sneak peek of the new series and check out exclusive new videos... that's all on this site immediately after The End of Time, Part Two finishes.

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