Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I don't usually do this........

....... Speculation, speculate, ponder and debate. What is going to happen in the End of Time? I have no idea however a few things have been on my mind recently, so do you mind me sharing them with you?

No? Well thank you. Here are my probably way off the mark theories and idea's.....

Firstly we should consider that Russell T is a fan and as such has written some big fan pleasing moments. Daleks Vs Cybermen, Sarah Jane being recognised by Davros, the Macra making an appearance to name but a few.

Now ask yourselves what he has not done and then consider that it his final story (for the time being anyway).

Also consider that he was the one who introduced the "Time War" plot - a thread which has never fully been explored or developed and, I assume the Moffatt will not want the job of explaining any of that.

So, does this mean the the final episodes will include some kind of Time War theme with a resurrection of Gallifrey (and the Time Lords), an appearance of Doctors 8 & 9 and (possibly) Tom Baker?

He has promised the biggest story ever and let's face it, it would need at least some of the above to top Stolen Earth / Journeys End and I for one can only assume that at least one of the above has to feature.....

I have just realised that this will seem really silly on New Years Day 2010..... Oh well, fingers crossed!!

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