Monday, 14 December 2009

Sylvester McCoy in rock band video??

Leeds based rock band The Red Pill played a gig in November 2009 at a Doctor Who fans convention in Manchester, for which they'd specially recorded a limited edition CD, "Bigger on The Inside".

Sylvester McCoy bought a copy of the EP at the convention (which the band offered to give him for free, but he insisted on paying), and they were approached by a filmmaker who offered to film a video free of charge, for the Doctor Who themed track.

The band are quoted as saying "In fact, Sylvester McCoy - who played Doctor Who in the 1980s, bought a copy. We offered him a free copy but he insisted on paying for it - what a nice man! We're hoping that Sylvester will be able to appear in the video, alongside his old sidekick, Sophie Aldred."

So Who knows?! Maybe Sylv and Soph will be appearing shortly on MTV? To read the full article, clicky over here.

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